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Hand-held Digital Night-Vision Device PJ2-0532

Product introduction: This device can be used both day and night, low-light, full dark environment; with functions like  photography, video recording and playback. An external plug-in memory storage unit from 4-32 GB is available Waterproof IPX4, suitable
Product introduction: This system can be used both day and at night, with functions such as photography, audio recording and playback, and video recording and playback. An external plug-in memory storage unit from 4-32 GB is available. Thanks to the ultra-low-lighting CMOS sensor and the externally-mounted 940 invisible infrared auxiliary optical device, this product can detect objects at nighttime within 2-400 meters. Customers have a choice of color screen or black-and-white screens to choose from. This product is highly portable, convenient, is easily concealed, is low in power consumption, and offers a strong recognition rate under low-light conditions. This system has also passed CE, FCC, and ROHS certifications.
Operating principle: This product employs the latest ultra-low-lighting and high-dynamic-range CMOS sensors. It projects the target image on a CMOS sensor through a self-designed optical lens, then inputs the images into memory storage after processing them through a switching circuit, and can then read out the images stored to the memory by using high-speed computing chips and data processing functions to display all video signals on the terminal monitor.
Applications and functions: Suitable for independent security functions. Can easily be concealed. And it is suitable for individuals or enterprises engaged in special activities, such as: outdoor travel, military operations, night surveillance, and security.

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