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FAQ about Digital Night Vision

The night vision device(short as DNV)was developed during the Second World War. One of the equipment being used by military solider on the battlefield and now the DNV was widely used in low enforcement, private investigation, criminal case, night patrol, hunting, thieves, security and other purposes.
The advantage of DNV is not how clear as an optical scope, how high the magnification is nor how far it can be seen; Its real advantage is that you can see others at complete dark night in hundreds meter far, but others cant see you. This is one of the most important military strategy during battlefield. Although we are not on the battlefield today (peace and love), but such a good product must bring us equally important application value in other applications.

Now lets look at the most common questions being proposed from the user messages:
  1. Can night vision be used in daylight?
         The low-light intensifier tube night vision cant. For Digital night vision, can be safely used both during the day and night.
  1. What is the effective range of night vision?
          It varies anywhere from 1~1000feet. The maximum viewing distance depends on the conditions of use and upon model chosen. Overcast conditions, fog, rain, etc. may reduce the effective distance of a night vision. An infrared illuminator will increasing viewing range, especially in enclosed areas like warehouse, cave, or thick brush.
  1. Why isnt design more magnification in a night vision device?
          Because the more you magnify the more light you will lose.
  1. Can the infrared light of the night vision be seen?
           Most of night vision in the market is use 850nm infrared, while 850nm is invisible light for human eyes but with slight red flow, so can be seen by some animals when close to; night vision also optional and available with 940nm infrared, 940nm is invisible both to human eyes and animals and without light flow. But the visual distance of 940nm is shorter than 850nm.
  1. What else can I do with night vision?
          Night vision can be used for many different tasks such as wildlife observation, amazing what animals will do when they think you cant see them. Other common uses are camping, hunting, home security,  night patrol, night research and rescue, night boating, night birding, night photography, caving or spelunking, and many other interesting things. Moreover, night vision device with camera and video-recording functions could be used in the low enforcement and private investigation.

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