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The higher the pixel of digital night vision products, the better?

Q1: The higher the pixel of digital night vision products, the better? 

A: Wrong, This is one of the most common cognitive errors. NOT THE HIGHER THE BETTER!

     Because for camera of the same size , the higher the pixel, the smaller the photosensitive size of PER UNIT PIXEL gets,thus, the weaker the photosensitive ability it has. As a result, in a very low light environment, it is very likely that no image can be captured. If the same level of technology is used,and they are all in 1/3-inch cameras, the light sensitivity of the 500,000-pixel camera will be much higher than that of the 5-megapixel camera, so the night vision effect of 500,000-pixel camera device will be better.

Q2:  Why does the image looks reddish when using night vision device during the daytime? What effect or influence will be have on the night vision goggle/ binoculars when put the external filter in front of the lens ?

A: Night vision device-as the name indicates, it mainly considers the effect and function at night. Though, our human eyes may not see light at darkness-night, but, there are actually many invisible infrared light. The night vision device produces images by sensing this invisible light.Night vision optical lens design will specifically enhance the transmittance of infrared light, and the sensor chip will also be specially designed to be high-sensitive to infrared light.Generally, the spectrum of light that human eyes can see is around 380NM-760NM, and the spectrum that night vision devices can see is around 390NM-1100NM. It is precisely because the night vision sensor chip can sense infrared light that the human eye can’t see, that, the image directly seen by the human eye is quite different with the image presented by the night vision device. 

    Most of the digital night vision products on the market can be used daylight and dark-night, so in order to provide better image quality in daytime use too, a filter was put in front of the objective lens on night vision device.The filter is used in the daytime, will filter out the infrared light above 780NM to prevent those light from entering the objective lens, and at the same time it can block the excess light and prevent the night vision device from color cast and overexposure.But if forget to remove the filter at night, it is equivalent to blocking the infrared light be found and entering the night vision device, thus, the night vision device will not work properly.

Q3: How does the screen of the night vision goggles appear to have grain patterns? Does it have anything to do with the pixels of the camera?
A: The grain/grid pattern on the screen has nothing to do with the pixels of the night vision’s camera.
The grain pattern on the screen is inherent on the screen,is small. But when observing through the eyepiece, the eyepiece lens has a magnifying effect, that make it obvious.  Generally speaking, the grain pattern on the LCD screen will be more obvious after zooming in, while the new OLED screen, LCOS screen , grain pattern will be relatively inconspicuous be seeing.


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