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The Road to Alibaba with Night Vision

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the real economy has been severely affected, and the trend of e-commerce has gradually increased, and it has become a demand for people not to leave home. Driven by this environment, our company chose to break through the traditional marketing model, keep making progress in the footsteps of the times, and enter Alibaba International Station.

Our company is mainly engaged in the operation of high-tech products in the field of night vision. At present, on Alibaba, there are a small number of merchants operating night vision products. Let's take a look at the products operated by our company!

 Model No.:P15S   Monocular Night Vision

Model No.:P4    Mini  Night Vision
Model No.:PQ1W      Riflescope Night Vision

If you have time, you can also visit our company's newly opened stores, you can discuss cooperation, and exchange operational experience!
Here, let’s take a look at the development history of Alibaba. As a third-party e-commerce platform, can it bring products to the world? What about allowing buyers to buy what they want and sellers at a good price? Can buyers and sellers play a role in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of both parties? Next, let us take these questions to explore.

Establishment of Alibaba International Station:
In 1999, Alibaba International Station was officially launched in 1999, mainly for global import and export trade.
Basic information:
"Alibaba International Station" is an export marketing promotion service to help small and medium-sized enterprises expand international trade. It is based on the world's leading inter-enterprise e-commerce website Alibaba International Station trade platform, by displaying and promoting suppliers’ companies and products to overseas buyers , And then obtain trade opportunities and orders, is one of the preferred network platforms for export companies to expand international trade.

progression stage:
The first stage: the positioning of the international station is "Canton Fair that will never end in 365 days", to display product information for bulk trade.
The second stage: The international station acquires Yidatong to provide merchants with convenient services such as customs clearance, and begins to accumulate data in the process

The third stage: digital reconstruction of cross-border trade

Today, when Alibaba International Station is increasing day by day, how wide is his market distribution? At present, Alibaba International Station has covered more than 190 countries and regions around the world. Buyers are all over the world. As the buyer side continues to expand, sellers are also continuously harvesting orders from all over the world.

As a third-party payment platform, Alibaba International Station maintains the balance between buyers and sellers by temporarily storing the buyer's payment, waiting for the buyer to confirm the receipt, and then assigning the payment to the seller. For sellers’ control, Alibaba International has a strict credit system, which will greatly restrict sellers’ legal behaviors when conducting transactions. Once a violation occurs, Alibaba will punish them according to relevant rules, leading to subsequent stores. As a result, Alibaba can well maintain the balance of the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and sellers, which greatly increases the security performance of the platform.
This is the end of this introduction to Alibaba. Do you have any objections to Editor introduction? If you have other suggestions or ideas, you can add the editor’s email or other contact information for communication!

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